WEEKLY WRAP - Liz Thomas Yoga

Double exposure 

Liz has been practicing Yoga for many years and recently needed some marketing and promo images for website and social media.

She is very Artistic and gave me free rein to do multiple and long exposures, what can I say, I loved this Brief!!

Portrait for business use.
Social media promotion

Portrait and social media promotion image,

long exposure with shutter drag to express the blissed out feeling you get doing yoga.


WEEKLY WRAP - retro retreat

This house would have to be one of my favourites, the colours the old and new make this a funky and fun house.  Best of all you can stay too! 


WEEKLY WRAP - Tessa's Catering

 This week I had the pleasure to shoot a local catering company Tessa's Catering - they do fresh and homely food for large events.

These image will be used for website and social media advertising.

Best of all I got to sample each dish, I love my job!

got time? check out some other drool worthy food shoots from earlier int he month here or hear earlier in the year here.


WEEKLY WRAP - Environmental Portraits

When I suggest environmental portraits many people ask - "what does that mean" simply it is when I photograph a subject in a relative environment.  The images then tell more of story about the person because of the background or setting they are in.

This real estate agent specialises in high end properties so I set about taking the image in one of his current listings.

I also photographed this lovely lady in the same way in another post found here.


THE BRIEF - St Isidore Milton

Photos for editorial use and website use.

Being a restaurant word of mouth is everything and this restaurant is certainly getting a huge amount of rave reviews.

Alex & Jo of St Isidore's in Milton have had many magazines, bloggers and photographers come and take shots, some good and some not so good.  We talked more on how they wanted to be portrayed - relaxed yet refined, with a focus on the food and produce.

With a comprehensive and well thought out stock of images on hand Alex & Jo can now feel confident about the  look of the next media release or magazine article and get their food out there in the media sphere in just a click of send button saving time.

Here are just a sneak peek of what was done on shoot day.

This would have to be one of my favourites this year, dark and moody with a deep appreciation of amazing produce picked directly from the restaurants gardens onsite! yes its that fresh!

I knew I wanted to capture sunlight within the images, be it a sun ray and or long shadow like the warm afternoon sun so this became the the major component of the lighting for every image.


WEEKLY WRAP - Behind the scenes Interior shoot for publication

Many of you know my biggest goal is to be be featured in just one or ALL of the following magazines Vogue living, Belle magazine, Australian Country style, Home Beautiful or Elle Decor.

Behind the scenes - how cute are these two, worn out from a busy day of modelling.

This week I spent a day photographing a special property for submission to one of the above listed.  keep your fingers crossed for me wont you!

Jem Crestani the stylist looking very serious about styling that bread.



I am not a landscape photographer! some things are just so ugly they are beautiful or so unusual you have to capture it or so profoundly special you need to keep it close to you. Although I live near the sea, I tend to be more enamoured by the red dust, clay pans and searing heat so I wanted to capture just a taste of what I find unique about this area.



WEEKLY WRAP - Holiday Vanuatu

When we booked this holiday we had a hard time remembering when was the last holiday was? it was over 8 years previous to this holiday!! One week away and I decided to travel with my older camera, one lens, one flash and to my horror upon arriving one battery!! OMG!! how could i forget my other two batteries!! needless to say I had to be very strict on when it came on.

Scott's big catch. Wahoo

Land Diving the original bungee
Local villages coming together for lunch


WEEKLY WRAP - Four Corners Photo marketing photos

Many people may not know I run two businesses, in addition to my creative endeavours and clients shown here on the blog,  I run Four Corners Photo most days. Four Corners Photo is specialist Real Estate Marketing Network, a one stop marketing shop for all things real estate.
Something a bit different for interest and to commemorate my launch day.

Launch day 4 years ago! each agent along the coast received
a clear box with my cards inside
Just Like my clients who hire me to do photography for their business I needed images to market this business also.

Its really important when you are busy to have  images on hand for any situation. You never know when an opportunity comes your way so you might as well be ready!

I have to tell you doing my own marketing images not only gives you many technical challenges but you tend to be too close to the project, so being objective without loosing your vision can be really difficult.

The Website.

I had heaps of support and help from friends and fellow colleagues getting all my bits together, thank you to Phil for my official logo, Lindsay from Milc Design listening to all my crazy ideas,  Moruya printing, Jamie & Emma for your initial support and ongoing support being a part of the network.

And a special thanks to my husband Scott and my brother Ray for you both are my biggest fans and ongoing source of support on my way through the highs and lows of business.

Portrait for Media Releases when needed.

My business Cards

CD keepsakes
  I also commissioned the talented videographer Mane collective to do a 30 second promo video for the business. 
Behind the scenes of the video

watch it on my YouTube channel -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ3WgUn-eos


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